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If you find yourself in a rough spot on the golf course think about the safest play that will produce the fewest amount of strokes.

A guide to common questions about the four iron.

Seven Iron Putting Stroke

Use a seven iron with a special stroke to help improve your short game.  This is an easy to do quick fix for golfers of all abilities.
Where can you find the cheapest golf balls. We have recommendations!

Mens Golf Sets

A complete guide to what you need to look for when purchasing a new set of clubs.

Tips for Beginner Golfers

General tips and information for beginning golfers. Includes beginner tips and information about golf courses and equipment.

The Pitch and Run

Learn to hit this useful short game shot for lower scores and improved golf.

Control your clubface for straighter drives

How far and how straight you hit the ball is determined by the angle and speed at...

Create a stable base

Striking solidly hit drives requires a solid base to swing from. Developing this base requires...

Drive to your strengths for better shots

A bad drive can happen before you even swing your driver. Playing to the...